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Aero Club

Flying the open skies for many is a lifetime adventure, and multi-dimensional activity that can be enjoyed on many levels. From sightseeing to technical flying, the dream can be a reality and a path to an exciting career opportunity. The Holloman Aero Club is a full service recreational flight training facility offering a complete line of professional aviation courses, pilot supplies and economical aircraft rentals.

Introductory Flights

Set up an introductory ride in one of our aircraft! You’ll go up with one of our instructors and learn a little about becoming a pilot!


Introductory Flight: $100

45 mins new member discovery flight

Hourly Rates

Ground Instruction: $25 an hour

Pre-flight and post flight instruction during flight training.


Flight Instruction: $40 an hour

CFI instruction during flight training.


Diamond DA40: $150

Wet rate includes fuel.


Cessna 172 (T-41C): $140

Wet rate includes fuel.


Introductory Flight: $100

45 mins new member discovery flight.

Dues & Fees

Initiation Fees: $25

A letter of Good Standing from another Aero Club will waive the initiation fees


Student Member: $30

Call the Aero Club for more information (575) 572-3752


Rated Pilot: $40

Pilots that fly more than 2 hours in one month will get their dues waived the next month


Private Pilot Ground School Course: $750

  • $500 for the online course and study material kit
  • $250 for 10 hours with a local instructor at $25 an hour

Additional Information

Ground SchoolThis course teaches students the information needed to pass the FAA knowledge test. The course is 35 hours of classroom time. Each student enrolled in the course will receive instruction and also tools needed to pass flight school, including a Private Pilot Kit (which has the books/ tools needed to become a pilot).

Flight SchoolBecoming a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) licensed pilot requires a minimum of 35 hours of flight training: 20 hours with an instructor and 15 hours of solo flight. Most students usually require 40 - 45 hours to become proficient. Training hours are billed per flight.

InstructorsAll of our instructors are FAA Certified

Initially the student is assigned an instructor, however; if for any reason the student is not satisfied with the instruction received a new instructor can be paired with that student.

Once enrolled in Ground School, student will need FAA 3rd class medical certificate and student pilot certificate.

Already taken ground school? Logged flight hours? We’ll assign you an instructor and get you on the path to complete your Private Pilot’s Training!

EligibilityMembership in the Holloman Aero Club is open to the following personnel and their dependents:

- Active duty military (any service)
- Retired military (any service)
- DoD employees
- NAF employees
- Military Contractors
- National Guard and Reserve members
- Civil Air Patrol members
- Individuals designated in writing by 49 WG Commander


Any pilots seeking membership must have the following:

  • A current ID
  • Current Passport or Birth Certificate


  • Class 3 FAA Medical Certificate
  • Pilot Certification

Students seeking Membership need the FAA medical certificate, proof of citizenship, & student license before flight training.

Foreign students also need to have a TSA security clearance to begin flight training at the Aero Club.


Statistically, general aviation is safer than most forms of travel.

USAF Flight Training Centers are significantly safer than those of civil aviation as a whole...why? Because not only do we adhere to FAA regulations, we also adhere to Air Force Regulations.

Insurance: all of our members are covered by our insurance, so there is no need to seek a commercial carrier.

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Hours of Operation

Aero Club
Monday - Friday
9 am to 5 pm

Flying Hours
24/7 weather permitting & as scheduled

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