Honor Guard

Holloman’s Steel Talons Honor guard was created to honor fallen members of the armed services, both past and present. The honor guard members help to preserve the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard’s heritage by learning about Honor Guard history and traditions

Honor Guard Request Form

Request Honor Guard for services such as ceremonies, retirement, or colors.

NoticeThe Steel Talons Honor Guard will be in place 1 hour prior to the scheduled event. We will also make every effort to notify the requestor of the above detail by phone regarding cancellation or any other changes to the request. The requestor/Steel Talons Ops Tech will confirm the detail at least one day prior to the commitment. If there are any questions notify Manager or NCOIC of Base Honor Guard Program.

Funeral Honors Request Form

Request Honor Guard for Military Funeral Honors.

Note: Must have a DD214 included with Funeral Request Honors Form

NoticeIn accordance with Air Force Instruction 34-501 Paragraph “[Military Funeral Honors] requests should typically be made as soon as possible, to prepare for the detail, with a minimum lead-time of 48 hours.” The Honor Guard will make every effort to prevent non-support of requests made less than 48 hours prior to the detail. Funeral homes are strongly encouraged to contact the NCOIC immediately upon request for Honors. Please call as required after normal duty hours, on weekends, and holidays to ensure early notice and team availability at the phone numbers listed above.

Honorable service in the United States Military MUST be verified by the Steel Talons Honor Guard PRIOR to the final scheduling for Military Honors. All requests for Military Honors must be accompanied by a Department of Defense (DD) Form 214 or an equivalent separation or retirement document to verify Honorable Service in the US Air Force, or Army Air Corps/Army Air Forces for all veterans.​

Certificates of Discharge or Retirement do not provide required service information. The Steel Talons Honor Guard may be able to verify service with the included personal information of the deceased below. If military service cannot be verified by any means in time for funeral services, but may be at a later date, the Steel Talons Honor Guard will honor any requests for Memorial Services to render Military Honors. Memorial Services are performed in the same manner as Military Funeral Honors.

If proper documentation is not available at the time of the request, please contact the NCOIC for initial scheduling while the documents are located. This will ensure a team is available for when the documents are located. Please note that Honors will not be rendered without proper documentation. The NCOIC will assist in every possible way to ensure the deceased military service is verified prior to the funeral.

Request DD214 - Information

  1. Go to the Online Service Records Request page.
  2. Click "Make a New Request" (or "Check Status of Existing Request")
  3. Complete form. Fields marked in red are required. Once page is complete, click "continue."
  4. Completed sections of the form can be edited by clicking the appropriate "Edit" button on the left side of the screen. You may skip the section requesting authorization.
  5. Once all sections are completed, review for accuracy and submit.

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