Swimming Lessons

Embark on a journey of aquatic skill-building with our newly introduced Swim Lessons, catered to individuals of all ages, from kids to adults. Conveniently held at the Holloman AFB Indoor Pool located within the modern Fitness Center, our expert instructors are prepared to assist beginners and refine techniques for seasoned swimmers alike. Secure your spot now and take the plunge into comprehensive swim instruction at its finest

Swim Lesson Fees & Registration


  • Youth Lessons - $60 (8 sessions)
  • Adult Lessons - $60 (8 sessions)
  • Private Lessons - $35 per session


  • Pre-registration is required for each session
  • First come, first serve
  • Children may be placed on a waitlist, but the waitlist does not hold a spot for the next session registration
  • More swim lessons will be offered this season. Please check back for updates.

Level Assessment

Pre-K Level 1
  • Enter independently, using either the ramp, steps or side, travel at least 5 yards, submerge to mouth and blow bubbles for at least 3 seconds then safely exit the water. (Children can walk, move along the gutter or "swim")
  • While in shallow water, glide on front at least 2 body lengths, then roll to back and float for 3 seconds, the recover to a vertical position.

Pre-K Level 2
  • Step from side to side into chest-deep water, push off the bottom, move into treading or floating position for at least 15 seconds, swim on front and/or back for 5 body lengths, then exit water.
  • Move into a back float for 15 seconds, roll to front, the recover to a vertical position.
  • Push off and swim using combined arm and leg actions on front for 5 body lengths, roll to back, float for 15 seconds, roll to front, then continue swimming for at least 5 body lengths.

Pre-K Level 3
  • Jump into deep water from the side, recover to the surface, maintain position by treading or floating for 1 minute, rotate one full turn, then turn as necessary to orient to the exit point, level off, swim front crawl and/or elementary backstroke for 25 yards, then exit the water.
  • Push off in a streamlined position, then swim front crawl for 15 yards, change positions and directions as necessary, elementary backstroke for 15 yards, then exit the water.

Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations
  • Swimsuits: Please provide appropriate fitting swim wear for all ages. Examples of approved swim attire are rash guard shirts, one piece, racing suite, brief (no thongs permitted), trunks, jammers, swim diaper, or full coverage suit.
  • No floaties from home will be authorized. All flotation devises needed during class will be offered by the instructor.
  • Parents must always be on the sidelines. Please limit interaction with your child during their lessons, to prevent any attention off the instructor.
  • Child will be removed from water:
    -If not listening to instructor
    -If not wanting to participate in lesson
  • No goggles unless authorized by swim instructor
  • Please bring a towel, and slip-on shoes for your student to be worn to and from the pool.
  • Please make sure your child has their hair pulled out of face. Swim caps are permitted.
  • No food or drink in or around the pool.
  • Student should be present and ready-to-go 5 minutes prior to lessons beginning.
  • No drop offs permitted. Parents must be present the entire duration of the lesson.
  • Parent must be present and in the water for the Parents-and- Me course.

** No refunds. If cancellations are made by Outdoor Recreation the class will be rescheduled.

** All balances must be paid in full upon registration.

Hours of Operation

Outdoor Recreation
Monday - Friday
9 am to 5 pm

Indoor Pool
Monday - Friday
5 am to 6 pm​
Recreational Swim
10:30 am to 12:30 pm​

Contact Us

Pool Address
Inside Domenici Fitness Center
1051 W Connecticut Avenue
Bldg 588 - Main Building




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